Smart Energy Storage Technology & Lithium Titanate Batteries by Tiankang™

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Green Energy Storage

Lithium Titanate batteries are a major breakthrough for modern energy storage technology and brings game-changing innovation throughout the battery industry.

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Clean Energy Storage

Powerful & Sustainable

Nano-technology driven, safe and with amazingly long life-time cycles these new energy storage modules create a true paradigm shift for all energy consumers.

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Energy Storage for Everyone

Made for Everyone

Because of the many advantages of Lithium Titanate batteries, a wide range of applications will immediately benefit from this revolutionizing new energy storage.

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Zhao Kuan President of Tiankang Group 

"Excellency must be achieved by making continuous leaps of hard work and efforts and is much needed to create lasting and sustainable corporate structures with outstanding values."

Zhao Kuan, Chairman of the Board, Tiankang Group
Tiankang International Senior Vice President 

"Smart energy storage with intelligent green lithium-titanate batteries from Tiankang™ Battery is revolutionizing the way renewable energy forms can be sustained and managed."

Reagan Li, CEO of Tiankang International, Hong Kong

Lithium Titanate Batteries & Smart Energy Storage Modules

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Tiankang™ Battery is the leading global manufacturer of intelligent new energy storage units & highly efficient lithium titanate batteries produced with new materials and advanced nano-technology Read more...


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