About Tiankang™ International

About Tiankang™ International

Tiankang International Hong Kong

Global Distributor of Tiankang™ Smart Energy Storage

Tiankang™ International is the Hong Kong based sole worldwide distributor of smart energy storage modules and intelligent lithium titanate battery solutions developed and manufactured by Anhui Tiankang Group or it's fellow subsidiary enterprises.

Supplying corporate customers, businesses and organizations worldwide with innovative and game-changing new energy storage technology is the main mission of Tiankang International.

Tiankang™ is the world's leading manufacturer of smart energy storage modules and innovative cutting-edge lithium titanate batteries that are both safe, eco-friendly to use and who come with extremely long life-cycles which makes them today's most sustainable alternative when it comes to intelligent energy and power management modules.

Benefiting from numerous long-term partnerships and cooperation with leading research institutes and universities in related fields both on a national as well as an international basis, Tiankang™ Battery is proudly developing industry-strength applications that come with revolutionary new features and great benefits to users of this technology.

Energy efficient, green and with extremely long life-time cycles, Tiankang™ Batteries are revolutionizing today's smart energy management and sets milestones in battery technology.

Tiankang International Hong KongBeing part of the globally acting Tiankang™ Group, Tiankang International is a modern multinational enterprise with offices, sales representatives and technical support in Hong Kong as well as in Shenzhen.

Historically, the roots of the Tiankang Group are in Anhui where Tiankang was founded by Mr. Zhao Kuan in 1974. Today dedicated R&D institutes as well as large-scale manufacturing and production units are located here.

As a member of the Tiankang Group and with access to advanced nano-technology, scientific research on new materials as well as other corporate resources we've made a huge step towards a greener planet where renewable energies empower consumers to easily store, renew and better manage their power consumption in a cost-saving and highly sustainable manner.

Smart energy storage modules and lithium-titanate batteries takes the concept of a "smart grid" and gives it a far more independent twist and by ensuring intelligent power supply also when off the grid.

This means that you can use electricity and power also when in remote areas or in a mobile setting and when on the road or on the open seas and oceans:

Your dreams of true mobility are about to become reality, as we at Tiankang™ are about to create a paradigm shift for the entire battery industry, as green and quickly rechargeable lithium-titanate batteries that come with amazingly long life-cycles and provide consumers with a sustainable, cost-saving and eco-friendly alternative for their energy consumption.

Imagine a world where clean and renewable energy can be easily generated, stored, transported and used for your device or application whenever needed and in any place you need it. This empowers consumers with more mobility than ever before in history of mankind.

Tiankang™ lithium-titanate batteries empower you with true mobility and enables you with the advantage to directly benefit from cost-saving clean and regenerative energy also in remote areas, as well as when off the main grid or in a moving vehicle or vessel.

Because of the amazingly fast recharging capabilities of lithium-titanate batteries, only a few minutes of power-charge will provide you with many more additional miles to go.

And because lithium-titanate battery technology provides exceptionally long life-cycles, storage modules can be recharged frequently and on a daily basis, making them perfect energy storage solution for usage in combination with other renewable energy forms such as solar energy panels, wind turbines and other green and sustainable energy forms.

You are interested in Tiankang™ smart energy storage and want to know more?

Feel free to contact our friendly sales team now for more details and request your personalized wholesale quotation that matches your requirements.

About Tiankang™

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Smart Energy Storage & Lithium Titanate Battery Solutions
Based on advanced nano-technology, Tiankang™ smart batteries are revolutionizing today's green energy storage technology.
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