Lithium Titanate Batteries

Lithium Titanate Batteries

Lithium Titanate Battery Module by Tiankang™Lithium Titanate Battery Module by Tiankang™

Sustainable & Highly Efficient Mobile Energy Storage

Lithium titanate batteries have extraordinary long life cycles, fast charging and much safer than conventional Li-Ion batteries. This new method of energy storing is currently revolutionizing the industry and is a game-changing factor for e-cars, hybrid cars and the automotive industry.

The demand for smaller, more efficient and more eco-friendly renewable energy sources is growing higher everyday as the planet moves towards a greener future. The advantages of Lithium Titanate battery technology are significant and they are incorporating a number of economical as well as ecological aspects that are important for a future driven by renewable green energy sources.

With a wide range of applications in many sectors and primary focus on the automotive industry, energy storage module based on lithium titanate technology is the future of battery-powered technology and will help us make a big step towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly planet.

Lithium Titanate Battery CellThe solution that is most ideal for mobile energy storage is Lithium Titanate technology which utilizes advanced nano-technology processes to produce anodes with a surface area that is substantially larger than that of Li-ion batteries which are commonly used today.

This advantage allows Lithium Titanate batteries to have a life cycle of up to 20,000 cycles as compared to only 400 in standard Li-ion batteries.

Additionally, the efficiency of this mobile energy storage solution allows for a recharge efficiency of up to 98%, much higher than conventional energy storage mechanisms.

Furthermore, Lithium Titanate offers the highest energy to weight ratio seen yet, creating exciting opportunities for its applications for devices that require a low weight battery, such as light vehicles, e-cars and fork lifts.

With the automotive industry relying more and more on light-weight designs, the optimal solution for these products depends on low-weight Lithium Titanate technology.

Lithium Titanate batteries for mobile energy also offer the advantage in that they are able to store and deliver a current that is between 30 and 100 times that of regular Li-ion batteries.

It is for this obvious reason that the future of mobile energy storage must rely on nanotechnology that brings the advantages of a longer lifetime, shorter recharge cycles, light weight, as well as high levels of safety and efficiency.

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