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It is of increasing importance that energy storage solutions provide more than the regular, commonly used technologies of the past and present. Lithium Titanate offers a solution for not only large-scale vehicle energy but also open many doors for mobile and automotive energy storage.

With mobile energy storage taking over many sectors of life such as in portable computers, smart phones, tablets and so on, life cycle length and efficiency of mobile energy are of paramount importance especially when it comes to electric battery driven vehicles such as e-Cars and fork lifts.

As traditional batteries struggle to keep up with today's demands for mobile devices due to energy-draining, shortened life cycles, the world turns to Lithium Titanate with hope and confidence in a future of better, more sustainable and efficient energy storage solutions.

The solution that is most ideal for mobile energy storage is Lithium Titanate technology which utilizes advanced nano-technology processes to produce anodes with a surface area that is substantially larger than that of Li-ion batteries which are commonly used today.

This advantage allows Lithium Titanate batteries to have a life cycle of up to 20,000 cycles as compared to only 400 in standard Li-ion batteries.

Additionally, the efficiency of this mobile energy storage solution allows for a recharge efficiency of up to 98%, much higher than conventional energy storage mechanisms.

Furthermore, Lithium Titanate offers the highest energy to weight ratio seen yet, creating exciting opportunities for its applications for devices that require a low weight battery, such as small vehicles and electrical cars and other vehicles. With the automotive industry relying more and more on light-weight designs, the optimal solution for these products depends on low-weight Lithium Titanate technology.

Lithium Titanate batteries for mobile energy also offer the advantage in that they are able to store and deliver a current that is between 30 and 100 times that of regular Li-ion batteries.

It is for this obvious reason that the future of mobile energy storage must rely on nanotechnology that brings the advantages of a longer lifetime, shorter recharge cycles, light weight, as well as high levels of safety and efficiency.

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