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OEM Manufacturing of Lithium Titanite Batteries by Tiankang™OEM Manufacturing of Lithium Titanite Batteries by Tiankang™

OEM/ODM Manufacturing of Lithium Titanate Batteries

As the leading manufacturers of Lithium Titanate technology, Tiankang Group is perfectly equipped for large-scale manufacturing and OEM wholesale distribution of smart energy modules. With continuous optimization and streamlining of battery manufacturing processes, our production of Lithium Titanate technology is stable and at a high quality levels with particular focus on providing channel partners worldwide with premium solutions.

As a sister company of Anhui Tiankang New Energy Co. Ltd., quality management and control is central to our ideology and manufacturing processes, allowing for regular optimization and upgrade processes in order to ensure a standard that strives for perfection in our nano-technological energy storage systems.

The strong focus on research and development of our products is accompanied by partnerships with research centers and institutions linked with the reputable Beijing University and Shanghai Fudan University, alongside a wide selection of other reputable research universities.

Standing out as the leading manufacturer of high-tech, sustainable and efficient energy storage solutions, it belongs to our mission to support and assist other companies in promoting the future of sustainable energy sources.

Therefore, Tiankang International Trading Hong Kong Ltd. encourages businesses from all over the world to join us on our venture and trust your Lithium Titanate experts to help you help us to strive for a greener planet through excellent OEM manufacturing processes.

It is with strong confidence and experience-oriented faith in Tiankang International Trading Hong Kong Ltd. that we encourage our worldwide re-sellers to take advantage of our manufacturing expertise and vast production capacity in order to promote their own company's name with high-quality Lithium Titanate batteries. As a re-seller of Tiankang Lithium Titanate batteries, your goals are our mission and our mission is perfection.

With a strong dedication to promote the sustainable energy storage solutions that are our scope of expertise, it is guaranteed that you as a re-seller will have the benefit of satisfied customers.

Your Lithium Titanate experts at Tiankang Group believe in optimizing your OEM manufacturing experience with us and therefore encourage you to contact us and inform us of your aspirations, aims and interests. Open to new ideas and approaches that suit your interests as long as it remains in the interest of an eco-friendly planet, your Lithium Titanate OEM manufacturing experts are ready for new ventures with international partners and re-sellers.

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