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As you may already know, the anode materials of a lithium-ion battery - lithium titanate - can form a lithium-ion secondary battery with cathode materials of lithium manganese oxide, lithium cobalt oxide, ternary or iron phosphate lithium. 

Lithium-titanate technology is based on modified lithium-ion batteries and employes additional lithium-titanate nanocrystals on the surface of its anode and instead of the conventional carbon material that is used in normal lithium-ion batteries.

This gives the anode a surface area of ca. 100 square meters per gram which is significantly more when compared to the mere 3 square meters per gram achieved when using conventional carbon material, allowing electrons to enter and leave the anode far more quickly:

Because of this large surface are, re-charging the battery will be very quick, and also this improvement in surface area of the battery drastically increases general stability and further also improves product safety.

Because of the benefits of lithium titanate in terms of high security, high stability, long life and green features, lithium titanate batteries can be widely used in electric vehicles and charging stations, tourist coaches, yachts, wind and solar energy storage power, traffic signals, solar hybrid street lighting, UPS power supply, home storage, coal, disaster relief emergency, weather radar, electricity, smart grid, communication base stations, hospitals, finance, telecommunications as well as system critical backup power systems.

This technology has also proven durable and in fail-safe settings such as for shipping, aerospace and other requirements of high security, high stability and long-cycle energy storage.

Single Cell Battery Structural Features

Smart batteries become even smarter with intelligent design based on engineering principles. Lithium-titanate batteries and energy storage modules by Tiankang™ are thoughtfully designed for extremely long life-cycles and carefully built with much attention to detail in order to improve functionality, provide better resistance against external impact and create an amazingly solid energy storage unit.

Every single cell of the lithium-titanate battery is made with extended design functionality and meet advanced energy storage technology requirements: 

  1. Interactive structure of every independent single cell convents more heat and thus more effectively cools the cell
  2. Independent positioning of fulcrum structure of single cells can effectively prevent the battery string dynamic vibration environment, destruction of the battery outer layer of insulation isolation to avoid moving the friction of the string, to avoid cumulative squeezing effect, eliminating the mutual squeeze caused by the internal battery by extrusion damage to the battery separator.
  3. Because of the optimized structure that provides a constant internal pressure that keep the battery stable, bonding at the sealed insulated isolation is being improved, and a higher degree of water-resistance is being achieved.

You can make sure that you build for a long-lasting battery applications and long life-cycles when using lithium-titanate batteries made by Tiankang™ Battery, and you'll ensure a great ROI especially in combination with solar or wind energy modules to re-charge the battery.


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