Tiankang™ Group - Smart Batteries

Tiankang™ Group - Smart Batteries

Anhui Tiankang Group Manufacturing Base

Intelligent Energy Storage by Anhui Tiankang™ Group

Tiankang™ Group is strategically based in Tianchang City of China's Anhui Province, and together with it's subsidiaries forms a flexible network of leading enterprises to create the Anhui Tiankang Group and provides access to local resources as well as benefits from the pool of associated enterprises in worldwide locations.

Tiankang™ International Trading Hong Kong Ltd. is a sister company to Anhui Tiankang New Energy Co. Ltd., as well as a subsidiary enterprise to Anhui Tiankang Group which is an active manufacturers and wholesale distributor of smart energy storage modules, lithium-titanate battery solutions and innovative power storage units.

Smart energy storage modules are a requisite for consumers to truly benefit from new and green energy forms. Intelligent battery technology is much needed for efficient operation of renewable energy sources and perfect for new and sustainable ways of generating energy. such as for wind and solar energy products.

The Tiankang™ Group group possesses strong technical resources, expert know-how and in-house expertise regarding smart intelligent energy storage solutions for new energy forms.

Because of this, we are confident that Tiankang™ batteries are about to revolutionize the entire energy industry and especially the battery market within the next few years.

At present, Tiankang™ lithium-titanate batteries and smart energy storage modules have already passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, as well as CE certification, test of IEC related standards and does also meet the requirements of the UN38.3 (UNDOT) certification.

Tiankang Battery Manufacturing Quality ControlIn order to ensure stable production and highly reliable quality we continuously strive to optimize and streamline all battery manufacturing processes.

Quality management processes throughout our corporation are improved and updated on a regular schedule, and great care is given to purchase of raw materials and related purchase inspections as well as the main production process control, outgoing warehouse quality inspections together with an adjusted set of Toyota-style improvement mechanisms we are proud to ensure outstanding quality for all lithium-titanate batteries.

Quality management is something that we take very seriously and build carefully into each and every business process and constantly reviewed, optimized and streamlined in order for us to provide better products to market leading conditions.

Technical innovation and product excellency are the driving core factors behind Tiankang Group's success and is also a basic principle for the groups corporate development strategies.

Much focus is placed on strong research and development, and several capable in-house research teams are aided by partnerships with external research centers and development institutions who work together with national top-ranking universities, such as Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Fudan University and so forth.

Tiankang™ International - who is Anhui Tiankang Group's branch unit responsible for overseas customer relations - has been conducting several e-commerce projects with global impact and aimed at building an international brand while at the same time facilitate more international cooperation and further develop and increase overseas sales and market position.

Your smart energy storage revolution begins with Tiankang™, the world's leading technology solution provide and manufacturer of highly efficient green lithium-titanate batteries. 

Successful businesses are in many ways built very similar to successful families. Finding the right balance of corporate control and freedom for each entity to explore their own opportunities and contribute to the overall organic growth of the entire organization with their own unique advantages, product specialization and serviced market segments.   

You are invited to observe how we at Tiankang™ are consistently persevering inn spirit of Tiankang “to strive to be outstanding”. On the basis of establishing a harmonious corporation, we shall also constantly grasp market developing pulse, actively seek for economy strategic union and keep on strengthening the global battery industry with new innovative technology.

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Based on advanced nano-technology, Tiankang™ smart batteries are revolutionizing today's green energy storage technology.
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